Special Occasions Call for Exceptional Suits or Tuxedos

Special occasions, such as graduations, weddings, and major professional presentations or speaking engagements, require a perfect fit that is only found in a custom suit. Something off the rack, even at a fine men’s clothing store will simply not be sufficient. Once in a lifetime moments call for a stunning and impressive presentation. It is important to realize that real custom men's suits cannot be ordered over the internet.

Professionally Designed and Tailor Made

Men can certainly go online to find industry-leading companies, explore possibilities, and schedule initial in-person consultations, but entering measurements into a blank order form and expecting a perfect fitting suit or tuxedo to arrive at the front door is simply naive. There is no experience that matches that of sitting down with a professional designer and discussing ideas and styles that represent the perfect suit to the individual client. Style preferences, desires for the final garment, and the statement that the client wants to convey are all considered in the final design.

The designer brings samples of fabrics and patterns, assists in selecting the buttons, and makes suggestions regarding the size of the lapel. Every last detail is discussed and decided upon before the tailor takes the first measurement. The client knows exactly what finished clothing will look and feel like. The experienced tailor takes all required measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

An Ideal Gift

Giving a son, partner, or best friend the gift of custom clothing for that special occasion is easier than most people think. Find a company that operates showroom and fitting studio locations in most major cities throughout the country. Go to www.Chookhare.com to begin searching. That is the easiest way to explore possibilities because, in addition to a dollar amount gift card, there are gift experiences offered only at Chookhare.com.

Available experiences include a private session with a designer that includes a custom shirt. Other private sessions are offered that consist of an entire suit, or a combination of a custom shirt, suit, and shoes. The recipient will enjoy the experience, have a custom garment to add to his wardrobe, and not have to know the total cost. Givers can select the option that suits their budgets and preferences. That is a win-win situation to accommodate the goals of all involved.

Why Wait?

A special occasion is a perfect opportunity to treat someone to a custom garment, but a birthday, promotion, thank you, or just because occasion will do as well. Givers do not have to wait for a once in a lifetime moment to provide that special man in their lives to a wonderful experience.